In this follow-up part 2 of 3 video tutorial series, we look at how to integrate Google Maps Turn-by-turn navigation.

We continue where we left off from part 1. If you haven’t watched part 1, you can do so here:

In part 1, we integrated Google Maps and created custom markers with custom info windows. In part 2, we add a ‘navigate’ button that when tapped it opens up the Google Maps app or if no Google Maps app is installed on the device or if the app is running in the browser, it will instead open the google maps web app in a browser window and hand over navigation to Google Maps. Google Maps will then take over and plot directions from the user’s current location, to the location indicated by the marker whose ‘navigate’ button was clicked on. In a future tutorial, we will explore how to implement the navigation functionality within the Ionic app without handing over to Google Maps.

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